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PanaSource Canada Group
#608, 300 Meredith Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
T2E 7A8
Phone: +1-403-272-3838
Fax: +1-403-230-2889
E-mail: sales@panasource.com
Our Aerospace Division is committed to the safe, secure, and profitable operation of your fleet. In addition to traditional product support, we provide a total package of integrated services - a one stop source for all your aircraft servicing and lease needs.

PanaSource Group has gained a wealth of experience in worldwide operations, enabling it to become one of the leading aviation management companies in Asia.

Based at the renowned Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, the company has operated more types of executive aircraft than any other UK operator including: Fokker 100 Boeing 727, BAC 1-11, Gulf stream GII, GIII and GV, Challenger, Falcon 50 and 900, Hawker 125 and Lear jets.

PanaSource Group provides a quality of service committed to excellence.

Our Operations Centre provides 24 hour ground support, to give the client the flexibility to travel anywhere in the world at any time.

Our aircraft can use thousands of small airfields world-wide that are out of bounds to main carriers, allowing discreet departures and arrivals close to your destination.

Whether you wish to hold a meeting on board or simply relax during your flight, PanaSource will ensure that you travel in supreme comfort and style. A fully trained stewardess will cater for all your needs and provide you with first class catering and bar service.

On arrival at your destination, our staff will escort you through immigration and customs with the minimum of delay and will remain at your disposal until your business is complete.

Our Operations centre will monitor your flight throughout, and can arrange diplomatic clearances, limousines and hotel accommodations, if required.

Aircraft Management
PanaSource offer a full and comprehensive management service, including the selection, provision and training of crew, the supervision of maintenance and refurbishment work, the sourcing of spare parts and liaison between owner and manufacturer.

Aircraft Lease
The company has a fleet of aircraft available at competitive rates, that can fly anywhere within our worldwide AOC area of operation. Our aircraft can usually be available within four hours of booking.

Aircraft Sales
PanaSource has established a worldwide reputation for honesty and integrity in the sales and brokerage market. Our sales team has a considerable knowledge of different aircraft types, and has achieved sales worldwide. The company has also acted as purchasing agents for many clients and can assist with aircraft surveys and valuations.
G-BTAB Hawker 125/800B