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PanaSource Canada Group
#608, 300 Meredith Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
T2E 7A8
Phone: +1-403-272-3838
Fax: +1-403-230-2889
E-mail: sales@panasource.com
We are genuine suppliers of HMS 1, HMS 1&2, Used Rail, Iron Sand and Iron Ore. Our Rail and HMS scrap and Used Rail Iron comes from US,Russia, and European origins. Iron Sand and Iron ore originates from Brazil and Indonesia.

Iron Ore

Detailed Product Description

AL2O3 % 0.35
Cr2O3 % 0.08
Fe2O1 % 96.08
K2O % Below 0.01
CaO % 0.02
MgO % 0.25
MnO2 % 0.67
Na2O % Below 0.01
SiO2 % 0.50
TiO2 % 0.01
Fe % 65.00
P % 0.22
S % 0.008
Rejection below Fe 62.00%
Price : USD 75.00/MT C.N.F China Main Port Per metric tonne basis.
1) The buyer provide LOI.
2) Seller will give Draft Contract
3) If buyer agreed with terms and conditions on the draft contract, seller invited to visit iron ore mine
4) buyer and seller meet for signing S&P agreement.
5) Delivery
Terms Payment
a). By issue 4 Months BG or SBL/C
b). T/T full shipment amount within 72 hrs after
shipment delivery.
c) PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE BOND Buyer must Issue of Draft L/C within 7 working days after goods been checked and confirmed the quality is comply with this contract , to be activated as free 60 days and Seller issue non-operative PB 2%, to be activated as free 60 days. The seller must issue a conditional operative P.B. 2%. Upon receipt of the conditional operative P.B. 2% by buyer, the buyer must activate the LC and the P.B. 2% will be activated accordingly. Shipment will be effected within 45 days (+/-10 days) upon activation of both the L/C and P.B.2%.

For other more detail please send to us the email address and we will send to you the draft contract.

Iron Sand


Fe Total :63,8 %(rejection level: Below 60 %)
Fe2O3 :91,14 %
Al2O3 :3,5 %
SiO2 :5,21 %
TiO2 :0,31 %(max 3 %)
Quantity :60,000 - 300,000 MT/month
Shipment : First shipment max 60 days after LC issued,
next shipment 30 days after LC issued
Location : Jepara, Cental Java
Port : Tanjung Mas, Semarang
Payment : LC Irrevocable at sight
Performance bond :2 % by seller
Price : USD 35 FOB Vessel

Please send your Letter of Intent(LOI) if you interest on our offering to start our deal.